"TOWER completed a comprehensive and structured TCO measurement exercise for it's distributed computing environment.


It sounds a bit of a mouthful, and with all the data we provided, there were reservations that we could have given Essential Networks Group (ENG), indigestion.


But what came back, continuing the analogy, was a well presented, value for money, generous and satisfying serving, with some very valuable information and knowledgeable insights into our infrastructure delivery operations that included:

  • An apples for apples comparison, clearly showing what was in / out of scope, and clearly defined assumptions.
  • A Total Cost of Ownership Model that was granular, and detailed enough for us to breakdown and focus on specific areas immediately.
  • A Functional Comparison model that identified TOWER performance vs. the benchmark, enabling us again to focus or grow in confidence, process by process.
  • A Compliance with TCO Best Practices score sheet with comments, that has "essentially" been the document our Operations team are now referring to, when implementing change and process improvement.
  • A solid and practical set of recommendations, at both strategic and tactical level to advance better TCO performance and TCO compliance.

If you have a hunger for knowing more about the quality and cost effectiveness of your IT operation, I genuinely recommend ENG, and their menu of offerings."


Craig Soutar
General Manager - TOWER Group Network Limited
Tower Financial Services Group



"ENG was commissioned by the university's information technology services (ITS) to undertake a total cost of ownership study for the desktop enivronment. Although the university has a predominantly centralised desktop environment there are several schools who manage and support their own environments. The study included these schools.


Having ENG undertake the study gave us an independent and unbiased view. The information gained from the findings confirmed the understanding that ITS had of the environment and helped to priorities some of the developments.


The NZ benchmarking information was particularly useful not to mention something of a surprise to the consultant. In an environment that is partially devolved and reasonably complex the consultant expected us to be at or above the benchmark levels. In our case however, the costs fell well below the benchmark level in all areas."


Cathy Budd
Director Information Technology Services
Victoria University of Wellington