Programme Management

Customer Requirement

The organisation plans to implement a new strategy or technology that will change the way front line staff will carry out their core roles.  The scope and scale of the change is large - touching on a number of systems, processes and organisational groups.  The business impact, budget and risks are perceived to be high and there are concerns around how well staff will cope with the change.


Service Description

The Programme Management role involves working with the customer's senior executives and sponsoring group to develop the programme mandate and establish the governance arrangements.  Applying the MSP methodology, we:

  • Identify the programme;
  • Define the programme;
  • Manage the work tranches (delivering the capability and realising the benefits);
  • Close the programme.


Customer Benefit

  • A focus on the delivery of business benefits;
  • Improved governance over large system investments and their related projects;
  • The incorporation of change management methods into the development.


Programme Management

"Large and complex ICT projects delivering significant organisational change, need to be conceived as Programmes.  Narrow ICT project management methodologies put success at risk.  We provide the Programme Management expertise you need."