ICT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

Customer Requirement

The organisation is confronting change and it needs the ICT environment to respond in support of this change.  A development roadmap is required around the key technology platforms it will deploy and how it will manage day-to-day operations.


Service Description 

Facilitating the development of an IS strategy or enterprise architecture with the customer and other executives and staff, using our methodology. The phases are:

  • Analysis of current situation (includes TCO, architecture principles and business plans);
  • Survey of the likely operating environment over the planning period;
  • Identify outcomes over planning under a no-change scenario;
  • Identify alternative future ICT architectures;
  • Identify alternative business models for managing the ICT environment within the organisation;
  • Identify what the organisation needs and wants from its ICT environment;
  • Synthesise all the elements into a clear statement of objectives and intent;
  • Develop an action plan to achieve the objectives and intent

Customer Benefit

  • Provides a rigorous baseline from which upcoming programmes and projects can be planned;
  • Allows the ICT organisation to communicate its plans and intentions to the rest of the business.


ICT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

"Insource or Outsource?  On-premise or Cloud?  Thick client or thin client?  Data sovereignty and BCP?  Fixed or Mobile?  VoIP or UC?  The ICT group is confronted with important strategic and architectural decisions that will impact the organisation for years to come. Irrespective of the scope of the planning requirement, we bring independence, expertise and thought leadership to your planning processes."