ICT Project Management

In 2009, Essential Networks Group migrated our customised planning tools and techniques for infrastructure projects and brought them under the PRINCE2TM  and AGILEPMTM frameworks.  We chose to do this because an increasing number of our customers had established PMOs built around these methods, and we believe they are scalable, comprehensive, provides certification for practitioners and can be independently audited.


Customer Requirement

Ensure an ICT project is implemented in alignment with business objectives, to an agreed quality standard, on time and to budget.  Most importantly, the methods used (be it Agile or Waterfall) are ideally suited to the project in question.


Service Description

Work with the customer to define the terms of reference which forms our mandate.  We will assist the customer to establish the project organisation, governance structure, commercial agreements, project scope and business justification that collectively forms the essential foundation for any successful ICT project.  We will work with the customer to select the most appropriate management process model and see the project through to benefit realisation as required.


Essential Networks Group will only use AGILEPMTM or PRINCE2TM Certified Practitioners for these types of assignments.


Customer Benefit

  • The project will be delivered in alignment with the organisation's business objectives;
  • The project will be managed using the most appropriate standard method;
  • Business risk to the customer organisation is minimised;

The methods used can be audited by the customer's PMO or an independent third-party if necessary.



ICT Project Management

"Successful ICT projects require an internal project management resource to properly establish the project, coordinate internal resources and liaise with the vendor project teams.  When a suitable internal resource to undertake this role isn't available, ENG can provide the necessary expertise."