ICT Audits & Reviews

The pace of technological change, particularly in ICT is presenting major challenges to organisations across the globe.  Organisations undergoing significant changes such as mergers, acquisitions, geographic expansions and divestments often find that their ICT infrastructure no longer fits their needs. Similarly, when important supply and support agreements are due to expire, the time is often right to undertake a review.  Periodically, organisations want to know:

  • Is our ICT environment fit for purpose going forward?
  • How efficient are we in the way we deploy and support ICT?
  • Is our technology obsolescent and how is this affecting us?
  • Are we spending more on ICT than we should be?
  • Exactly what systems and services do we currently use, where are they and what are we paying for them?
  • Are our current suppliers and commercial arrangements still suited to how our organisation is evolving?

As an independent consultancy with deep knowledge of and experience in the ICT sector, we are relied on by CIOs and IS Managers who are seeking quality assurance for their initiatives or looking to make rational decisions founded on sound market-fresh information and objective analysis.



Telecommunications & Infrastructure Audit

Customer Requirement: IS Management have concerns that aspects of their current infrastructure are obsolescent, too costly to support or not sufficiently scalable to meet emerging requirements.


Service Description: The Infrastructure Audit comprises the following phases:

  • Scope definition (telecommunications, networks, data centres & server environments, unified communications)
  • Assumption verification
  • Model development
  • Identify data sources and quality
  • Determine data collection methods
  • Data collection, filtering and input
  • Data analysis and benchmark comparisons
  • Best practice "score card" analysis
  • Synthesis of recommendations
  • Determination of financial impact associated with recommendations
  • Report generation, and presentation of findings

Customer Benefit: Informs the development of IS Strategic Plans and Enterprise Architectures, resulting in better quality IS planning with quality assurance.




ICT Audits & Reviews

"Important supply agreements scheduled to expire?  Contemplating a major change to your ICT environment?  Our ICT Audits and Reviews illuminate the obstacles in getting your organisation from where its at today, to where you want it to be tomorrow."