Contract Negotiation

Customer Requirement

Obtain favourable terms through negotiations with the preferred vendor or vendors for the products and services being procured.


Service Description

Facilitate negotiations with the vendor or vendors on behalf of the customer, resulting in signed agreements between the customer and the vendor:

  • Establish governance for the process;
  • Work through the standard terms and conditions;
  • Prepare and verify accuracy of schedules to the agreement(s);
  • Verify pricing acceptability;
  • Develop financial model based on contract terms and conditions;
  • Co-ordinate legal sign-off;
  • Recommend documents for signature.

Customer Benefit

  • Optimal financial and commercial terms;
  • Risk mitigation built in to the agreement during the implementation and post-implementation support periods.


Contract Negotiation

"Concerned that you are at a commercial disadvantage when negotiating high-value supply agreements with ICT vendors?  We can help you to level the commercial playing field."